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5 Reasons NOT to Use FREE Facebook Auto Poster

5 Reasons NOT to Use FREE Facebook Auto Poster

Here are the top 5 Reasons why you should not use FREE Facebook auto poster from an untrusted site that will get your account on Facebook Jail

We all know that posting on Facebook Groups and pages automatically for marketing sales is a great way to save time and effort rather than posting manually. However, is it a good idea? In some way, while saving time, it might lead to a dangerous scenario that might be able to put your Facebook account in risk. It’s like a trap that will give you benefit at first but in the long run, it might lead your account to get on Facebook jail or be banned on Facebook for a long period of time, worst is forever. Here are some tips on why you should NOT use Free FB auto poster from untrusted sites, trust me it is a terrible strategy your social media marketing efforts, here are the top 5 reasons why not to use it:

1. High Percentage To Get Banned

Facebook jail

Facebook is stricter and very sensitive nowadays because of several reports of malicious posts and fake accounts that aims to get clicks and traffic, Facebook security system is not easy to trick because of its IP address & cookies detection, so if you will use a free facebook auto poster which only uses a single IP address, you’re account is most likely to get banned in no time. Always follow the Facebook Community Standards.

2. Your customers will think that you are a robot and not a real person

Facebook Robots

Posting the same content like text, images or videos repeatedly on different facebook groups and pages is quite obvious to Facebook users that you are just using the Facebook auto poster. If you want to target real potential clients, you must be legit as well in order to earn the trust from people.

3. Prone to Phishing(Hacking)

Facebook Phishing

There are many free FB auto poster app I’ve seen on the internet that might lead your account to get hacked easily just by logging in on their website. and if you choose the wrong app, trust me not all free are good, sometimes free apps are traps not to mention FB auto posters created by unknown individuals or non-existing companies, remember if it’s too good to be true it’s not true then. Here are some tips to detect a phishing site:

  • a. Check SSL certificate, if a site is using HTTP only that might leak your information on that site.
  • b. Check the site creator if they have a physical or office address and telephone number written on their website, you can verify it by calling them personally or by checking their address on Google maps.
  • c. Usually, Fake sites do not have live chat support, legitimate businesses are investing in customer care, so if a site does not have knowledgebase and chat support most likely that’s not a legitimate business.

4. Missed Potential Leads

Facebook Potential Leads

By using a free FB auto poster, you might lose potential clients or buyers because Facebook is notifying fb users to not click any suspicious links and websites, so if you used a facebook auto poster banned by Facebook oftentimes your posts might not get clicks as well or worst is they will be automatically deleted due to spamming and using a banned FB auto poster.

5. Facebook Account Locked Permanently

Facebook Account Permanently Disabled

I advice to not use free facebook auto posters due to the fact that they are risky and might get your account to be locked temporarily or worst is permanent. Don’t hesitate to use paid or premium Facebook auto posters like Agora Pulse or Buffer although they are very expensive yet they are legitimate businesses, we are not advertising our app by creating this article but FBGapp is a much cheaper alternative with much more features like:

  • a) 1-Click Auto Posting to FB Pages and Groups
  • b) Import and Auto Join Groups
  • c) Spintax to create unique posts
  • d) Unlimited Accounts for Deluxe Users
  • e) Auto Comment
  • f) Auto Likes
  • g) Schedule Posts
  • f) Auto invite friends to join groups
  • g) Free 7-day Trial(no obligation – without a credit card)

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If you really want to get high-quality leads, use high-quality apps too, as simple as that.

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