How to Fix You’ve been Blocked Error

“It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been blocked from using it. Learn more about blocks in the Help Center.”

Do you get an error like the one above? We know it looks scary but it does NOT mean you’ve been blocked from using FBGAPP.

UPDATE: The issue seems to be with HTC Sense, Authenticate iPhoto and Set it as your Default App to solve this Problem!

If you’ve been using iPhoto before now, simply re-authenticate and set as your default app.

Read to fix issues getting access token for iPhoto?

The error is a WARNING message from Facebook and NOT from FBGAPP, and this warning doesn’t mean you can no longer post.

The cause?

  1. Facebook seems to be getting tougher day after day, so whenever you post to too many Facebook groups (Sometimes few), they throw you that warning. This warning also comes up when posting manually to Facebook groups.
  2. This could also be related to the app used for posting, that is why we recommend iPhoto app. 

We set up this precaution to avoid you continuing to post, because you could actually get thrown into Facebook Jail for some days if you keep posting after the Warning.

The Solution

To solve this issue, we recommend the following;

  1. Pause all running posts and Wait for 1-3 Hours before you continue posting to Facebook Groups
  2. Switch the apps used for posting when you resume posting (recommended app is iPhoto).
  3. If possible, Change Image, URL and Text of your post when resuming posting
  4. Switch to other Facebook accounts while waiting.
  5. Read Our Safety Post Guide

Team FBGAPP is working hard to reduce the Facebook jail issues for our issues, we’ll be implementing some major changes in the coming updates for a better posting experience.

Drop your comments below if you have any question relating to Account Blocked error.

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