How to Fix #200 Insufficient permission Error

This is one of the common errors on FBGAPP and it is an error that has to do with permissions. Posting to Facebook groups require some permissions set by the user posting and the Facebook group admin.

#200 Insufficient permission is caused by one of the following with solutions;

1. The group does not permit Members posting

If the group admin does not permit its group members to post to groups, sending a post with FBGAPP to such group will pop up with #200 Insufficient permission error. There is nothing you can do to post to such group.

2. You did not set the right permission when authenticating your app.

If you fail to set the app permission to PUBLIC while authenticating, you will likely encounter #200 Insufficient permission error because the app does not have enough permission to post to the groups.

To Fix app permission from Facebook;

Goto, search for the app you are posting with (e.g iPhoto), ensure the permission is set to PUBLIC.

3. Invalid token. Simply Authenticate other apps to fix.

The last scenario that could lead to you seen the #200 Insufficient permission error is when your app token is expired. When the app token expires, it means the app does not have the required permission to post to Facebook, therefore bring up that error.

To fix, all you need to do is re-authenticate the app used for posting.

There are two methods to authenticate apps, the first one is the traditional method and the second is for those who can’t successfully authenticate using the first method, you can find alternative method in this article.

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