How to Add an Image to a Post (Updated)

One of the most important factors when running a post on social media platforms like Facebook is to use a catchy and engaging image when planning your post.

A picture is said to be more than a thousand words, so it is always advisable to use an original, informative images when auto posting to Facebook groups.

A high percentage of your audience will not read the text of your post not until they get attracted to the image (s) that comes with it.

However, many users find it difficult to add an image to post when scheduling their posts on FBGAPP. In this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to add an image to your post if you are among those finding it difficult to add image to a post.

Note: The current version of FBGAPP supports Multiple images in a post. You can take advantage of this feature and add up to 6 images in a single post.

How to Add Image to a Post

When preparing your post to schedule to Facebook Groups and you’ll like to add an image to the post, you have two options available to you, FBGAPP Image uploader and Image Hosting Services or Image URL.


1. FBGAPP Image Uploader

To add your post image using the FBGAPP Image uploader, follow the steps below;

  1. Click on the Upload button on the image field (As shown in the image below)How to Add an Image to a Post (Updated)
  2. The Media Library dialog will pop up, Click on the Upload button (See Image below), select the image you’ll like to use from your computer, and click ok.How to Add an Image to a Post (Updated) 1
  3. Now DOUBLE CLICK on the just uploaded image to insert it into the post. The image will automatically show up on the preview panel.How to Add an Image to a Post (Updated) 2
  4. Drop your comments below if you still have any issues relating to adding images to your posts.

    2. Image Hosting Services or Image URL

    This method is as simple as the first, it requires you to host the image with a third party service like or any other related services, or using the URL of an image you already have on your website.

    To use an Image hosting service (we’ll be using in this guide);

    1. Goto
    2. Click on the Start Uploading button.How to Add an Image to a Post (Updated) 3
    3. Select the Image from your PC and Click the Upload ButtonHow to Add an Image to a Post (Updated) 4
    4. Right Click on the Uploaded Image and Copy Image AddressHow to Add an Image to a Post (Updated) 5
    5. Paste the Copied URL into FBGAPP Image FieldHow to Add an Image to a Post (Updated) 6

      3. Using the Image From your Website (Or Any Website)

      If you already have images on your website or you want to use an image from any other site, all you need to do is;

      1. Locate the image of your choice
      2. Right Click on the Image and Copy Image Address
      3. Paste the copied link into FBGAPP Image field.

      4. Using Images From Google Images

      To use pictures from Google Images, follow the steps below;

      1. Goto
      2. Enter your Search QueryHow to Add an Image to a Post (Updated) 7
      3. Click on the Image of your choice, Right Click and Copy Image AddressHow to Add an Image to a Post (Updated) 8
      4. Paste the Copied URL in FBGAPP’s Image Field.
      1. Same Methods applies to Videos

        Above are the three available methods for adding images to your Facebook posts.

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