Fix Error Getting Access Token for Apps

We have written an article concerning How to Authenticate Apps for posting in a previous article. However, many are having the issues of getting access token when they click the ‘Get App Authenticate Link‘ button for some Apps. This article provides you an alternative method to get access tokens.

When you Goto Settings > Facebook Apps. Click on the Authenticate button of the App you want to authenticate. Click the Authenticate App button and follow the instructions as explained in this article.

Fix Error Getting Access Token for Apps

After completing the app permission stage, and you click the ‘Get the App Authenticate Link‘. If you get a blank page with a URL like this ‘data:text/html,<html><meta http-equiv=’refresh’ content=’0; url=view-source:https://goo‘ as in the image above, that means you won’t be able to get the access token. Now follow the procedures below to get access token using the alternative method.

Alternative Method to Get Access Token (Source URL)

This method is as simple as the normal method, the only difference is that you need to work with speed this time around.

To get access token using the source URL method;

  1. From the Authentication pop up window, highlight and copy the App Source-URL (as shown in the picture below). Open another tab on your browser and paste the link.Fix Error Getting Access Token for Apps 1
  2. When you enter the URL in another browser, you need to QUICKLY copy the link that shows up before it redirects (Link shown for just 1 Sec). Yes you have just ONE SECOND to copy the link.

    Fix Error Getting Access Token for Apps 2If you fail to copy the Link at first try, you can alway try again until you are able to copy

  3. Now paste the LINK in the access token field (as shown below) of the authentication field, and the second will be generated. Click  the Test Access Token to ensure your access token is valid. Then Click Set Access Token to complete the authentication process.Fix Error Getting Access Token for Apps 3We hope you are able to fix your Facebook Access Token issue with this.Drop your comments below if you still have any App authentication related issues

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