Activation Link Not Sent to Yahoo Mail (Fixed)

UPDATE: The activation link not sending issue has been fixed by our server experts. Yahoo Mail and other email services should receive activation links without problems now. However, we’ll leave this page open for those who do not still receive activation links.

We have discovered that activation links no longer deliver to some YahooMail accounts while many go to the Junk folder of Yahoo mail. Our server engineers have been working to fix this issue

However, if you sign up with Yahoo mail and do not receive an activation link, we suggest you do the following;

  1. Check your inbox and SPAM to be sure that the activation mail was not received.
  2. Send your Username in an email to requesting for account activation. Our team will activate your account manually. Note, the mail MUST be sent from the registered email account.
  3. Use another email service for FBGAPP.

If you don’t use Yahoo mail and you do not receive an activation link, please follow the procedures above.

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