5 Best Tips for using Marketing Automation to Grow Your Business

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How to Utilize Marketing Automation for Business Growth

Although automation might just be the next frontier in marketing, many businesses fail to utilize it to its full potential. Actually, marketing automation can open up numerous possibilities that can improve customer experiencesincrease sales and build profits.

But how can you move past the difficulties of automation and make it work for your business? And what can you do to set up your business for growth and success? Read more here to find out!

Essential marketing automation tactics:

In order for automation to give you the results you seek, you need to upgrade your CRM and embrace the analytics. However, your work here is just beginning. The tactics below will help you see the big picture and better utilize automation for success.

1. Put your data in its place

To institute marketing automation at a high level, you need to consider the role of CRM as well as data acquisition and data-based insights. The problem with inaccurate or poor data is that it can and will negatively affect your marketing efforts. The more accurate your data is, the better you’ll be able to design and implement marketing strategies and focus on customer relationships.

This is why your CRM databases need to be audited regularly. Moreover, your CRM systems should include built-in cross-referencing capabilities. Also, make it a point to invest in a powerful CRM system to be able to truly take advantage of the full breadth of automation.

2. Break the data apart

Now that you have your CRM system sorted out, it’s time to unveil the power of your data. To be able to asses your current marketing campaigns and hone their performance, you need to take apart the information you are feeding into your CRM.

But how can you do that? It is all about your customer’s journey through your system.

You will need to look at elements such as the types of content that triggers clicks and the time the user needs to make a purchase. Armed with this information, you can now estimate the cost of onboarding, how you can speed it up as well as get insights on generating higher impact communications.

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3. Set clear benchmarks

Since marketing automation is a multi-phase process, you need to set benchmarks that can guide you through it. Your benchmarks should evaluate the quality of your email list, your level of targeting, your type and level of communication as well as your communication testing.

Any company can have a general e-mailing list for all its clients. However, the trick is to to create organized lists noting needs and preferences. This applies to send out generic emails which should be replaced with mobile-optimized video messages and integrated with your social media accounts.

So, in a nutshell, your benchmarks should be dedicated to the level of organization you have accomplished for customer relationships.

4. Develop customer personas

The next tactic you need to use is automating personalities by developing customer personas. You can achieve this by using templates with particular perspectives on customer needssales habits as well as specific tones for specific sales groups.

The personas you create will be a middle ground between sending out generic emails and writing specific emails to each customer.

5. Look at the big picture

Marketing automation can seem petrifying and can slow you down to a certain extent. However, when you look at the big picture, you can see that automation can smooth workflowimprove team management and increase productivity. Moreover, moving to data-led marketing and CRM will help shift your overall communication efforts.

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Are you utilizing marketing automation in your business? What tips and insights can you share with us for a more effective approach and better results? Don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below.  

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