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Is Facebook Adding End-to-End Encryption to Messenger?

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Facebook Might Add End-to-End Encryption to Messenger

Some time ago back in April, Facebook-owned WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption to its platform in order to increase security, secure data and weaken hacker efforts to decrypt messages and steal private data since end-to-end encrypted messages can only be read by the intended recipients. In recent reports, Facebook seems to be considering doing the same for its messenger.

It is reported that Facebook might be rolling out this feature in the coming few months and it will be a mode that users need to opt into in order to enable it, unlike WhatsApp’s encryption which was turned on by default for all WhatsApp users.

What does that mean to Facebook?

Facebook heavily relies on artificial intelligence and data collection to better respond to user requests. Facebook Messenger Bots, for example, need to access information on the company’s server in order to collect the information they need. Once the encryption is enabled, the company will not be able to access information between senders and receivers, since any encrypted information will only be seen by them. Learn more about bots here.

So it really comes down to this: will users want more privacy or more artificial intelligence? I, for one, would definitely choose more privacy any time and any day of the year!

Why Now?

It comes as no surprise that Facebook would consider taking such a step after the battle that Apple has fought with the FBI over its use of encryption.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Facebook is not the only one thinking of considering this security upgrade, Google’s upcoming “smart messenger”, Allo, will also be offering an additional opt-in encryption feature for its users.

Which messaging application do you use most and why? We are looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.

All You Need to Know About Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Robots

Tips for building Facebook Messenger bots

Many businesses are just starting to use bots to provide their customers with better and more seamless user experiences. If you are one of those businesses, this post is exactly what you need to guide you through building your Facebook Messenger bots. It will also provide you with a list of tips to help you avoid making some major mistakes that could affect the quality of your bots.

Ready for the action? Let’s get right to it!

Facebook Messenger bots: Tips, tricks & more

  • Focus on planning, not building

There are so many things that you could do with bots. However, you need to try and stay focused on what you should do rather than on what you could do. This means you need to take time to find the right business application and strategy for implementing your bots, plan carefully, then start building them.

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  • Consider the content

Remember that there is a huge difference between how you talk to friends on Messenger and how your bot will talk to your customers. Moreover, consider emojisstickers and gifs when you are figuring out the most delightful way to engage your users.

  • Know your audience

Although Messenger has around 1.3 billion monthly active users, every country has a different preferred messaging app. For example, in Latin America, WhatsApp is the preferred app for messaging. Be sure to take that into consideration before you commit to any platform and start building bots for it. You want to meet your audience where they are not force them to use an app they usually never use.

  • Keep expectations at bay

It is easy to get carried away and fantasize about building powerful state-of-the-art bots. However, keep in mind that even simple IF/THEN logic trees can build engaging and valuable bots. Your bot doesn’t need to be a genius from the get-go; it can develop with time and experience.

  • Avoid deceiving users

Your users are smart. They can and will easily figure out that you are using a bot only by asking a few questions. So avoid trying to trick them or deceive them into thinking they are interacting with a human. Moreover, be clear about what users can expect from your Facebook Messenger bot from the beginning of their interaction with it.

  • Place value before fun

Yes, your bot should provide fun and delight to your users. However, first and foremost, the primary purpose for your bot should be to provide value to users and solve an existing problem for them.

  • Remember that humans are irreplaceable

No matter how fancy or intelligent your Facebook Messenger bot is, always keep in mind that it can never ever replace human interaction. So avoid trying to automate everything and let bots and humans work together to provide the ultimate user experience. Use bots for predictable and repeatable conversations but make sure to place humans on the front lines when it comes to delicate situations.

  • Think ahead

There are two very important things you must be aware of: 1) Your bot might break and give you error messages every now and then and you need to be prepared for that. 2) Users will have high expectations of your bot so you need to be sure it can handle those expectations.

Have you ever built a bot? Please share with us your experience, tips and insights in the comment section below.