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5 Best Facebook Auto Poster App in 2019

Facebook Auto Poster App in 2019

Top 5 List of Facebook Auto Posters with FREE Trial

1. Agora Pulse – Social media content and engagement management tool for teams and agencies.

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Agora Pulse is a social media management tool, this tool helps you to engage more effortlessly and more conversationally with your social communities and it does some of the same things that we would use a Hootsuite or tweet deck or another tool like that for but it does so, in a very nice, very email looking interface. If you use a tool like this properly, no messages are going to slip through the cracks that are coming in this rapid form social network. This tool gives you different kind of analytics of what’s happening with your social accounts. Agora Pulse cost you $29 a month which allows one of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

2. BUFFER – Save time managing social media for your business

Buffer is a social media dashboard much like other social media dashboards like Agora Pulse and Hootsuite. Buffer is the ultimate content curation tool, primarily use this on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Buffer is free to try and use for a single network. It’s free for one social account but then it starts at $15 a month for 8 social accounts.

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3. FBGapp – Free Facebook groups auto poster

FBGapp is an application that was developed to take care of your Facebook-marketing campaign by automated posting to Facebook groups, yes literally without any sweat and no technical skills needed. This Facebook group auto poster can promote your products and services on different facebook groups or communities that are related to your target market. Most social media programs don’t have this auto join feature where in you can filter and join any groups that you preffered to. Using FBGapp unique posting system will avoid getting your Facebook account terminated or going into Facebook jail . With just 1-click this program gives you total control of your facebook posting in a day, or for the whole month that you can automate it. FBGAPP facebook poster also has an auto like and auto comment feature that you can’t find on some softwares. They have a 7-days free trial for you to have a glimpse of what it can do.


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4. Hootsuite – The social media management platform that lets you build smarter workflows,

Hootsuite is a web-based social media app that allows you to combine all of the different feeds coming from all of your different social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and etc. it allows you to bring all of the information into one place and also to distribute to those platforms from a single place. Hootsuite Cost you $19 a month.

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5. Sprout Social – Sprout Social’s social media management app and solutions help you build your brand on social media networks.

Sproutsocial is a powerful social communication platform helping businesses of all sizes manage their social channels brilliantly and create stronger relationships with their audience. It’s for the small business owner that sees the value of investing in their social presence and needs an easy way to manage everything in one place. it’s for the large enterprise that knows it’s essential to streamline their customer service operation with a modern customer in mind and secure enough to handle the needs of a government agency with a message approval workflow that helps the team collaborate and stay compliant. Sprout Social is a social media app for businesses looking to develop your social media connections. Stay organized with your daily social media activities. Sprout Social has a free 30-day trial and cost you $99 per user a month.

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Jail Proof Facebook Group Auto Poster


The cheapest and best tool to get traffic from Facebook by posting on different groups in 1 click.

You need to set this Facebook auto poster with your product, service and it will work for you day and night.

This is the best Facebook marketing software that can get you a lot of traffic and can get you a lot of earnings from your deals.

This is one of the best tools to promote and target your Facebook groups you like and offer your right products and services that those people are looking for in those particular groups.

But when you like hundreds of groups it can be very time consuming to try a post in all those groups manually and even with some types of programs that are automated there are definitely some limitations and then sometimes you run the risk of getting your Facebook account terminated or going into Facebook jail because you’re doing too many posts. This program gives you total control of that type of strategy. This tool has a lot of features like you can Post in unlimited Facebook groups, Facebook Fan pages and also to your timeline at just one click. Yes, at one click your message will be delivered to thousands of groups and fan pages that you have joined. This software also has an auto like and auto comment features.

Why FBgapp?

This Facebook auto poster is easy to use and effective way to market your business on Facebook, using this software you can save your time and money to earn fast and easy. This tool is all about speed and automation getting more done in less time all you need to do is set up this system, use and start earning money right away.

Posting to multiple Facebook groups at the same time simultaneously without paying much of advertising your business successfully this system is useful in your business online, using this tool you can create more ads you like to post in one click.

Facebook auto poster allows you to get email addresses from the group that are on Facebook from certain niche markets and you can use those emails to create custom audiences to create Facebook ads to where your ad will only be seen to a certain group of people, even though you can do targeting on Facebook but of course that’s even limited sometimes you want to target even further like a certain pages. With this software, it can do targeting all Facebook groups you want and offer product, service, or opportunity you want to reach a certain group of people.

This the exactly what you’ve looked when it comes to some of your marketing on Facebook when it comes to Facebook groups. A lot of people do a lot of marketing with Facebook in terms of promoting in different Facebook groups. This is the one you are looking for your business to expand your ads and reach more people and also you allowing to be able to get connected to more people as well. This system is effective, efficient, cheapest, fastest, proven, tested and perfect to your business online.

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