What Are Cinemagraphs & Why Are they Awesome?

what is cinemagraph

How to use cinematography in your online marketing strategy

Is it a video or an image? No, it’s a cinemagraph and it’s a subtle yet explicit animated GIF, in which minor repeated moves occur! The term cinemagraph was first used in 2011 when digital artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck used the technique to animate some of their fashion and news photographs. They wanted a unique name other than an animated photo, which is why they came up with the term ‘cinemagraphs’.

But what kind of subjects can be made into these interesting GIFs? And why should you implement them in your online marketing strategy? Read more here to find out.

Why & how should you use cinemagraphs?

All kinds of subjects are great candidates for cinemagraphs with the key ingredient being a bit of repetitive motion. This is what makes these animations so mesmerizing and appealing.

Moreover, since GIFs are now a big online trend, it is no surprise that you must consider leveraging this medium in your online marketing efforts for a wow and lingering effect.

You can add a cinemagraph in your direct marketing strategy to send subliminal messages. You can even use it in your occasional blogpost to create a living area feel and enhance your audience’s overall experience on your blog. Either way, these artistic interpretations of GIFs can surely extend your site visitor’s stay by at least 5-15%.

Although cinemagraphs are readily available at many sites and through multiple apps, you can also learn how to create your own in only a few steps.

In the video below, Peter McKinnon shares with you all you need to know about what cinemagraphs are and how to make them!

“A super interesting way to look at things.”

“The cool kids are doing it!”

You cal also check out this compilation of some really awesome cinemagraphs and get inspired:

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Have you ever tried using cinemagraphs in your online marketing campaigns? Did you find a difference in average stickiness time, clicks or shares as opposed to using regular images and videos? Don’t hesitate to share with us your experience and insights in the comment section below. 

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