5 Ways to Create Super Awesome Blogposts!

5 awesome blogposts tips

Tips for creating attention-grabbing blog posts

Blogger’s block is one of the most annoying things a blogger could ever experience. Imagine staring at your computer screens for hours trying to write a couple of blog posts. And nothing; you draw a blank. If you are a blogger looking for a long term career in blogging, this post is definitely for you.

5 ways to create awesome blog posts:

As a blogger, your community can play a big part in helping you write great blog posts. Let’s see how below:

1. If you want to write more, you need to read more

Reading and writing go together hand in hand. Unless you read more blogs, you won’t be able to come up with new, creative ideas for your own blog. So find blogs you like, read their content, and see what makes them great (or bad). Use that knowledge to create better posts on your own blog.

2. Communicate with your followers, audience and other bloggers

Communication with others could lead to amazing new blog post ideas. Reading blogs and engaging in conversations on them could really help you up to your writing game and develop new, creative ideas.

3. Use your blog as a way to shine a light on different opinions

After the speech POTUS gave, people went online to express their thoughts and reactions about it. We took that as an opportunity to write a blogpost with our own opinion combined with the opinions of others out there. It was a great blog post which started an online conversation that many people joined.

 4. Ask your community what they want to read about

A newsletter is a good way to get feedback from your readers about what they would like to read. However, you could also use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to learn more about your readers’ preferences and interests. Blog comments are also an awesome tool for generating blog post ideas.

5. Practice difference writing styles

It is very true that you need to be original and have a certain blogging style. However, you could spice up your writing style every now and then by adding new styles. You could also rewrite posts that you enjoy (without plagiarizing of course).

Finally, remember this: a blogger is never alone so be sure to use your community to create awesome content that they will appreciate and enjoy. 

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