Blogging 101: 13 Pro Advice for Beginners

blogging 101

Blogging advice every beginner needs

Blogging is a mixture of art and science. There is no one right way to approach it. However, there are plenty of ways you could make the best of it.

Whether you have just started blogging or you have been at it for some time, you will surely find our following list of tips helpful and enlightening.

Blogging advice for beginners:

1. Turn to your audience for inspiration

In order to know what to write for your audience, you need to know what they like to read. So take time to gather topics your audience are interested in, write about them and help your blog grow.

2. Know your audience

It is essential that you know your target audience more than they know themselves. You can achieve this by answering questions such as: Who is my target audience? What are their demographics? What do they find interesting? Another way to do this is by finding them on social media and engaging them using a quote or a question.

3. Write for yourself

Instead of always focusing on what will resonate or get traction, try writing for yourself instead. If you focus on your opinions, ideas, and thoughts and write them well, people will come to read your content. Moreover, make sure that you find your voice and be true to it.

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4. Appreciate your readers

Many bloggers end up trying so hard to get new readers that they forget to show appreciation to the current ones they have. This is very wrong. Yes, you do need to focus on getting new readers but spend time to show current readers that you value them and that your blog growth depends on them too.

5. Don’t ignore the call to action buttons

You have to assume that your readers are blind to sidebars. You need to point them to find your social media accounts instead of waiting for them to do the work. Writing amazing content with no call to action buttons will surely not help increase the number of your followers or readers.

6. Share your knowledge

In a world where people have fast Internet access, there are no secrets! So make a point to share all your knowledge and don’t hold back in fear of spilling your secrets. The more information you share, the more people will come to you.

7. Give it time

If you are seeking a quick ROI or a fast track path to recognition then blogging is definitely the wrong path for you. Being a successful blogger requires time, effort and hard work. It also requires patience. So keep writing, learning, modifying and improving.

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8. Make your posts citable

Whenever you set out to write a post, be sure that it is citable. What does that mean? It means that it should be interesting or valuable enough for other people to want to link to it.

9. Write enough but not too much

Search engines such as Google prefer content that is around 1,700 words long. However, not all your posts should be that long. Each post should be long enough to deliver an idea yet short enough to be fully read. (I personally like writing 300-500 word posts that could be read in 3-4 minutes but it’s up to you to decide what works best for your audience).

10. Develop a promotion plan

Even if you write excellent, attention-grabbing content, you still need to develop a promotion plan and follow it. Promoting your content needs at the same time as you spend on writing your posts, if not more.

11. Treat your posts as products

Whenever you start writing a post, think of the following questions: 1) Will others want it? 2) Is it something people would pay for? 3) Does it need more editing and refining?

12. Invite guest bloggers

Don’t be afraid to get people to write for you. Not only does it offer your audience a fresh perspective, it can also bring new eyes to your blog.

13. Learn how to deal with negativity

Not everyone will like all your content. That’s more than alright. However, instead of deleting a negative comment, take the opportunity to win the reader over by offering help or seeking advice.

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What do you think of our blogging tips? Do you have any more to add? Don’t hesitate to leave us a question or comments below.


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