10 Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Just LOVE!

blog post ideas

Blog post ideas that will make your blog more interesting

It can be very difficult to come up with new and interesting blog post ideas that can help your blog shine through the clutter. Moreover, making your blog hot and viral requires a lot of patience, creativity, and persistence. This is why today, we will be sharing with you a list of 10 ideas to use for your blog posts. We will follow it up with another list very soon so stay tuned ? 

Blog post ideas your readers will love:

1. Write reviews

Reviews can be very valuable content for your readers, especially that many people are seeking them constantly. Choose books, movies or products and make it a point to write unbiased and honest reviews about them. Moreover, make sure that you write reviews based on your own experience and avoid copying and pasting ones that are already available online.

2. Make tutorials

If you are a professional in a certain field or you know someone who is, use that knowledge to make tutorials and spread help those with fewer skills. Since guides and tutorials are very much needed and have a great value, they can easily drive traffic to your blog, convert followers and even increase engagement.

3. Interview people

Do you know inspiring people with interesting personal, career or life stories? Try to interview and feature them on your blog. This can help you get more traffic by offering real-life stories that others will enjoy reading about. Furthermore, if you do interview influential people, they can offer useful and practical tips that your audience will benefit from.

4. Post infographics

As you know, infographics are a great way of delivering complicated data in a simple and appealing way. This is why you should try to post them on your blog every now and then. However, make sure the quality of your infographics is high to make them stand out from the crowd.

5. Choose controversial topics

With the huge amount of information available online, your followers will appreciate some controversy. Choose topics that make people think and pushes them to engage with your content.

6. Create lists

Lists are awesome! They are incredibly easy to read and follow and they leave your audience craving more. To get people to enjoy your blog more, make sure you use lists, such as this one, to grab their attention. The options for lists are infinite so choose what works well with the style of your blog and your audience demographics. See this sample list, search on Google: Best Facebook Auto Poster 2019

7. Invite guest writers

Inviting guest writers is always a win-win situation for your, the guest writers and your readers. 1) You get more exposure. 2) Your readers get more variety. 3) The guest writers can build up their name or brand.

At The Global Now we have a few guest writers of our own. Make sure you read their content too when you have some extra time!

8. Bust myths

People hate being misinformed. This is why writing and posting posts that debunk myths can prove to be very valuable for your followers and can help you build a larger readers’ base faster and more effectively. However, make sure that you do enough research to verify the information you use.

9. Criticize blogs or persons

Although this one can be a bit tricky, it is really worth trying. Just choose a person or a blog and be brave enough to provide a strong argument against them. Avoid random rantings and be sure that your arguments are supported by facts.

10. Curate or summarize available content

When you feel completely stuck and can’t come up with new blog post ideas, you can always recycle old content available online. However, make sure that you do not duplicate the content and that you summarize it in a unique and interesting way that your readers will benefit from and enjoy.

What other blog post ideas can you share with our amazing readers? Be sure to share them with us in the comment section below.

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